Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The men’s figure skating short program was on February 16th 2010 in the Pacific Coliseum. There were thirty skaters, but the interesting thing was the range of their scores. As a person whom doesn’t know a lot about figure skating, I found it surprising how the scores could be so different. The men’s downhill or speed skating, the results are decided by the smallest fractions of seconds. Meanwhile, the top score in figure skating was ninety-nine point something while the bottom score was forty-four point something. From my perspective, it doesn’t make a lot of sense because if you think about it with logic, the top skater was twice as good as the bottom skater. This could or could not be true because it is impossible to say if a person is twice as good as someone else at something. To me, it seems a bit much. That’s my take. What’s yours?

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