Friday, February 19, 2010

Better Viewing Area for Cauldron

Earlier this week on February 15th, I posted an article about the lack of access to see the cauldron for the public. Now, the area where you can see the torch from is much better. Before, there was a wire fence that was straight and still quite a ways from the cauldron. The response to all the criticism was to put an indent in the fence area, putting people about 15 metres closer to the cauldron. The also have a strip of the fence cut out to take photos without the fence in the way. The view is spectacular because behind the cauldron is the water, and after that there are mountains. If that isn’t for you there is an even better option if you do not mind waiting in line for half an hour.

The line leads up to a large balcony that puts you at the height of the flames at the top of the cauldron. It also puts you closer, maybe half the distance from the fenced area. Unfortunately from this angle the backdrop is not mountains but the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Czech vs. Lativa Hockey Game

Earlier this evening, the Czech Republic defeated Latvia in men’s hockey 5-2 at Canada Hockey Place. There were still quite a bit of supporters from both countries but the majority of people were Canadians. The Czech had some well-known NHL players such as Patrik Elias and Jaromir Jagr while the Latvians had no famous players that I recognized.

As suspected, the Czech got off to a hot start, scoring 3 goals in the first ten minutes of the opening period. The Czech’s scoring slowed down but the play was still dominated by them. The best part about the hockey game was the comradery of the Canadian fans.

At some points in the game, all the fans got up and started to cheer “LATVIA!” for half a minute at a time. The feeling was electric. The Latvians managed to score and the game was way less lopsided than it was before.

Did the Canadian fans have an impact on the game because they chose to cheer for the struggling Latvians rather than the Czech? I think they did. As soon as everyone realized that Lativa was going to get dominated people started rooting for Lativa. At the start of the game it was looking like the game was going to end at 20-0. The Lativans were getting outplayed that badly.

The hot start the Czech got off to ended and after the first part of the first period, the Lativans scored the same number of times as the Czech. After seeing the hockey game, I think playing at home will really help the Canadian teams in the tougher games they face.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Robson Media Centre Update

This place is buzzing! In the room I am in right now, a Media Work Room, there are over 15 people doing things like me! They are updating their blogs, writing stories, podcasting, uploading their photos and more. If you want, you can go to the Coca Cola desk and get your picture taken with torches from previous Olympics. The torches include the Bejing Games (2008), the Torino Games (2006), and the Salt Lake City Games (2002). Also, they give out free tokens for the Coke machines in the centre. I just saw Rick Hansen and talked to him which was very cool.

Here are some photos from today:

Kid Reporter at the Olympic Games!

I am currently in the Robson Media Centre or as it is also called, the International Media Centre. I was just talking to Brennan LaBrie, a ten-year-old kid from Port Townsend, Washington, USA. He is thought to be the youngest reporter at the Olympic Games. He is staying here until atleast Tuesday and is hoping to attend some events. He got to interview the American short track speed skater, Apollo Ohno. You can follow him on twitter: @KidReporter, or at his blog: It is great how students from other countries are getting involved in the Games.

I am currently in the Robson Media Centre. I was just at a press conference for the Canadian athlete whom won a silver medal in woman’s short track speed skating in the 500-metre. Her name is Marianne St-Gelais, a French-Canadian from St. FĂ©licien, Quebec. She speaks fluently in French but has some troubles with English. It was on her 20th birthday that she won her medal. Congratulations Marianne!