Friday, February 19, 2010

Better Viewing Area for Cauldron

Earlier this week on February 15th, I posted an article about the lack of access to see the cauldron for the public. Now, the area where you can see the torch from is much better. Before, there was a wire fence that was straight and still quite a ways from the cauldron. The response to all the criticism was to put an indent in the fence area, putting people about 15 metres closer to the cauldron. The also have a strip of the fence cut out to take photos without the fence in the way. The view is spectacular because behind the cauldron is the water, and after that there are mountains. If that isn’t for you there is an even better option if you do not mind waiting in line for half an hour.

The line leads up to a large balcony that puts you at the height of the flames at the top of the cauldron. It also puts you closer, maybe half the distance from the fenced area. Unfortunately from this angle the backdrop is not mountains but the Vancouver Convention Centre.

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  1. Nice photos! Some people were saying they weren't into the design of the cauldron itself, but I think it's pretty cool.